About park

Park is situated along M-3 "Moscow-Kyiv" highway on Moscow's border 

6 km to Obninsk - first Science Town, and 
95 km to Kaluga

Offered for placement  - 64 Ha

Engineering capacities



320 MW, 
available capacity – 69 MW


Water supply

4 000 cub. m/day, 
available capacity — 800 cub. m/day


Gas supply

60 000 cub. m/hr, 
available capacity — 17 591 cub. m/hr


Wastewater disposal

4000 cub. m/day, 
available capacity — 2 000 cub. m/day


Inhouse water supply and sewage facilities

Water supply and sewage facilities of industrial park Vorsino

Distribution substations

Distrib ution substations of industrial park Vorsino

On-site roads of 4th category

Telehone and high-speed internet


Industrial Park VORSINO is situated on the north-east Kaluga region, on border of Moscow Region, along M-3 "Moscow-Kyiv" highway, 6 km to Obninsk, 75 km to Moscow and 95 km to Kaluga . Distance to MKAD is 67 km and 20 km to the New border of Moscow.

Highway M-3 "Moscow-Kyiv" is the federal highway Moscow - Kaluga - Bryansk - state border of Ukraine and part of the European route E 101. The road length is 490 km. Road capacity is 1250 vehicles per hour with a four-lane traffic and with future increasing to six lanes (to Kaluga).

Highway M-1 "Moscow-Minsk" is in 40 km to the park. It passes from Moscow to Minsk, Brest, Warsaw. It is part of the European route E30 and is transport arterial in the western direction. The road length is 440 km..

Highway A-101 "Moscow-Warsaw" is in 15 km to the park. Road of federal importance passes from Moscow to border of Belarus through Roslavl. It is known as Kaluga highway in Moscow, and as A-101 highway in Kaluga region. With Moscow area expansion the highway has become federal and got prefix M-101. The road length is 400 km.

Highway A108 or Moscow outer (Big) Ring extends for 550 km along the territory of Moscow, Kaluga and Vladimir regions. Road A108 goes around capital at a distance of about 60 km from the Moscow Ring Road. It passes through Ruza, Kurovskoye, Rogachevo, Orekhovo-Zuevo, Balabanovo, Voskresensk, Likino-Dulyovo, Novosinkovo, Dmitrov, Klin.

TASKOM customs terminal is situated on the western area of the park.
Railway Moscow-Kyiv. Suburban trains go to Kyiv direction of the Moscow railway from the Kievsky railway station. Fast trains and passenger trains from the Kievsky railway station go to Bryansk, then to Kyiv, from there to other major cities of Ukraine, Moldova and the countries of South and South-Eastern Europe. Railway station "Obninskoye" is in 10 km from the park. The Vorsino railway station reconstruction is nearing completion.     

Airport Ermolino is situated in the western area of the park. Distance to international airports: 

  • 150 km to Sheremetyevo (approximate travel time - 1.5 hours),
  • 60 km to "Vnukovo" (approximate travel time - 40 minutes),
  • 90 km to Domodedovo (approximate travel time - 1 hour).

Tax Benefits for Investors 

Advantageous geographical location, developed transport and logistics complex, a wide range of sites for production facilities, tax incentives all these make the region attractive for the development of any business.