ООО “ICM Glass Kaluga” back to the enterprises list

Was established in 2011 together with the Group of Companies STiS and OAO «ROSNANO». At the present time, the plant producing 300,000 m3 of foam glass rubble a year, has been built on the territory of Vorsino Industrial Park.

The purpose of the company is the creation, modernization and expansion of foam glass materials, which are considered the most effective energy-saving construction materials. Their production is based on the nano-structural modification of particulate glass surface.

As a concomitant activity of the company, with the respect to its production process peculiarities, is the solving of ecological problems of the inhabited areas, like the recycling of the off-grade glass cullet, which is used as a raw material for foam glass production. At the present time, there isn’t any re-processing technology for it.

The first stage of the construction is over now. The production workshop has been constructed, and four foam glass cullet production lines have been arranged. On the second stage of the project, the production of construction panels from foam glass materials is planned.

Website: http://pennosteklo.ru