Gas supply 

Today all the sectors of the industrial park are completely gasified.

A high-pressure gas-pipeline network has been built:

  • pipe size 426 mm, length 11 766 meters;
  • pipe size 225 mm, length 1 502 meters;
  • pipe size 160 mm, length 1 824 meters.

A high-pressure gas pipeline with pipe size 225 mm and length 6,5 km is constructed on the Western territory.


Elecric energy supply

All the sectors of the industrial park have their feeding centers and transformer substations. It ensures the unspoiled supply of electric energy to the existing and potential investors at the level of 200 MV.



21 km of the fourth category motorways have been built. According to the plan, by the end of 2014 another 2 km of inter-sector roads will be built.



Telephone and high speed Internet are over the whole territory of the park. there are service providers to choose.


Water supply and sewerage

A water-supply station with daily capacity of 4 000 m3 was put into operation in 2012. The water supply and sewerage network of industrial park is construcned. According to plan, in the first quarter of 2015 a sewerage aeration station will be put into operation with its daily capacity of 4 000 m3 of waste water. Water-supply network was put into operation.


  • water pipelines - 19 260 metres,
  • rain water collectors - 6 143 metres,
  • household sewerage pipelines – 17 km.

Multimodal logistic terminal

Now the first stage of construction is complete and the following objectsof multimodal customs area are put into operation:

  • The B+ class business center for foreign trade activities of 3 000 sq.m. with possibility of rendering the state services in the sphere of foreign trade activities;
  • Warehouse of temporary storage of 2 800 sq.m;
  • Container platform of 20 000 sq.m;
  • The railway cargo park including 6 exhibition ways of useful lenght 1 050 m;
  • Parking zone for placement of 340 trailers and open area for examination of freights;
  • Office building of a  railway warehouse of 420 sq.m;
  • Check point on entrance to railway and automobile platforms;
  • The engineering systems including networks of water supply, water disposal, communication, gas, thermal, electric networks;
  • Ring road 7 km long.