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    for the benefit of each
  • Building technologies
    in pure forms
  • Production of high-quality
    steel products
  • We create bright future today
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    competent managers
  • Beauty and modern technologies together
  • The industrial park caring
    about the environment
  • Customs control zone and railway terminal
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About park


Telephone and high speed Internet are over the whole territory of the park.


Water-supply system and water disposal system, water-intake and water-treatment facilities, storm drainage


24 km of the fourth category motorways have been built.


Possibility of uninterrupted supply of electricity at the level of 240 MV.

Gas supply

The gas pipeline of a high pressure with a diameter of 460 mm, 1492 m long is constructed.


Energy efficiency and thus widely accessible public transport

Development of green energy resources (solar, wind, biofuels and recycled organic matter).

Using  of Smart Grid system to improve power supply reliability and system uptime, increase Energy Efficiency and preservation of environment.

tax privileges

, .

Lack of taxes till 3 years *
The period of the lowered rate till 4 years

Members All the members

  •  Samsung Electronics Rus Kaluga Is a South Korean company which produces TV sets, LCD, LED (19 and 65 inches), UHD, PDP, PC monitors, BD players, home cinemas, washing machines, etc. The first stone of the plant was laid in September of 2007, and in July of 2008 the production was started and the first lot of 32’ LCD TVs was shipped.
  •  Odisseyprom Is a Russian manufacturer of furniture, including table surfaces made of artificial stone, HPL plastic, acryl and precious timber. The factory was started in January of 2011.
  •  Vintrustcom Is a Russian investor which manufactures PCV panels for inner use. The plant was put into operation in March of 2011.
  •  Nestle Russia Is a Swiss producer of pet food, and the greatest food product manufacturer in the world. More than 330,000 people in 83 countries work at 461 factories of Nestle Group.
  • Z LOreal Is a French cosmetics company. On the first stage of the project, the production of shampoo has been started, while on the second stage, since March 2013, the production of hair dyers has begun.
  • OOO KT&G Rus KT&G was established in 1899 as the Imperial Agency for Cigarette and Ginseng production.
  •  NLMK-Kaluga Electric metallurgical plant is the part of NLMK long products division under control of NLMK Group of companies. NLMK-Kaluga is the modern production complex which produces wide range of construction steel including reinforcing bars and section steel with total capacity of 1.5 million tonnes per year.
  •  Production Association Metallist Today Grand Line Company consists of 5 functioning plants in Central Russia, and 2 more plants are awaiting their start. The total output of the company is 200,000 t of finished products per year. In other words, Grand Line occupies the second place in Russia by its volumes of production of steel roofing, steel siding and profiled steel.
  •  Linde Gas Rus Division of Linde Gas is a member of The Linde Group. OAO Linde Gas Rus is the biggest manufacturer of industrial, food, medical and special gases in Russia. Nowadays the company produces and supplies the whole range of gas products, starting from technical gases in cylinders of various volumes, and ending with special gases and customer-tailored gas mixtures made with the unique equipment.  
  •  Omega Lease-Kaluga The main purpose of the company is a project made in strict compliance with all the prescriptive documents, customer’s internal needs for quality, which falls within the investor’s budget and comes in time.
  • Z Triada-Impex Is a member of the Triada Holding, which mainly focuses on supplies of high-quality materials and equipment for construction, repairing, water-, heat- and steam-proofing works, restoration and anticorrosive works. The enterprise is going to start the production of special mixes for repairing, restoration, waterproofing and tamping based on cement and polymers.
  •  AstraZeneca Industries Is a British-Swedish innovative biopharmaceutical company, which focuses on research, development and commercial use of prescription drugs.
  •  Stroitelnyi mir Is a Russian investor, which constructs the warehouses for construction tools and materials.
  •  Freight Village Kaluga Is a project to be realized on the principles of private-state partnership, which means the participation of a private investor, namely OAO Freight Village Kaluga, and municipal and state partners represented by the Government of the Kaluga region, OAO Kaluga Region Development Corporation and the Administration of Borovsky District of the Kaluga region.
  •  Sphera Farm Is a Russian pharmaceutical investor. This project implies the production of medicine intravenous solutions. The establishment of the company was initiated by a group of Russian and foreign businessmen in order to build a high-tech production complex, able to produce a wide range of infusion solutions.
  •  MAHLE RUS MAHLE Group comprises three big amalgamations, namely MAHLE Gmbh, Knecht Filter Group and MWP MAHLE — J. Wizemann. Today MAHLE Group takes its position in the first 30 biggest automobile industry suppliers.
  •  LAMINAM RUS Is a Russian company which is going to produce ultra-thin ceramic tiles with their thickness starting from 3 mm and size reaching 1.5×4 m, of various design.
  •  OMYA Ural Is a Russian investor constructing a grounded marble mill. The product will be used in pharmaceutics, food industry and construction materials manufacturing. The opening ceremony of the enterprise was held on the 4th of September, 2014.
  •   Arkhbum tissue group Is a daughter company of the Arkhangelsk Cellulose & Paper Mill, one of the biggest Russian producers of cardboard, packaging cellulose and school copybooks.
  •  ICM Glass Kaluga Was established in 2011 together with the Group of Companies STiS and OAO «ROSNANO». At the present time, the plant producing 300,000 m3 of foam glass rubble a year, has been built on the territory of Vorsino Industrial Park.
  •  Part Inn Is a 3* hotel for 100-150 rooms. A Swedish company is going to realize such a project in Russia for the first time. The project implies the construction of the hotel based on the modern module technologies. This new 3* hotel in Vorsino Industrial Park will be quite comfortable.
  •  AIRLIFE Is a Russian company which constructs a factory to produce photo catalysts for air purification. At present, the construction of production workshops has been completed.
  • AO Tekhmashimpex Plastic production plant.
  • OOO D.A. Rus  Plastic and fabricated rubber production plant.  
  • OOO ORAC  Belgian production of innovative decorative synthetic moldings and ornaments
  • OOO ELA Container RU Plant for production and assembly of mobile buildings of container type
  • OOO Gabriel-Chemie-Rus-2 Production of superconcentrates and additives for coloring and modification of plastics


  • Administration of the municipality of rural settlement The Village Vorsino

    Administration of the municipality of rural settlement The Village Vorsino

  • Administration of the municipality of municipal district

    Administration of the municipality of municipal district "Borovsky District"

  • Kaluga Region Development Corporation

    Kaluga Region Development Corporation

  • Ministry of economic development of Kaluga region

    Ministry of economic development of Kaluga region

  • Goverment of Kaluga region

    Goverment of Kaluga region