Vorsino Industrial Park

«The best Russian site for relations with residents»

Analytical Center "Expert"


Bid for placement of production


In the center of global sales market


Logistics hub with direct export opportunities


Part of Belt and Road Initiative


Infrastructure oasis for investors



Russia's first transport & logistics center of federal format “Freight Village Vorsino” has become a part of the International Belt and Road Initiative, which unites the economic interests of Russia, China, South Korea and Eastern Europe.


1430,28 Ha 

Is the area of the Industrial Park


Residents from different countries


Guy Taillieu

Founder of ORAC NV

«Russian Market is of strategic importance for us. We are expanding the pool of Russian business partners. The projects implemented by our company in the Vorsino industrial Park are amazing. In particular, the timing of commissioning is impressive»

Andre Anri

Head of Nestle Russia Branch

«Nestle was among the first residents of the Vorsino industrial Park. Our company was the Ambassador of this industrial site, performed communications with many companies telling them about our successful experience in implementing the business project»


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Since 2006, 115 new enterprises have been incorporated in the Kaluga Region.
More than 220 projects from all over the world are being implemented within the region.